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Welcome to

Gio’el Gioielli

The Gio’el company founded in 2004 by the brothers Giovanni and Luigi Scognamiglio has its roots in Torre del Greco, a city on the slopes of Vesuvius and overlooking the Gulf of Naples, linked for centuries to the processing of coral and cameos.

Our story began back in 1945 thanks to the love of grandfather Luigi for the art of coral processing, passion and experience that has been handed down for three generations; in fact it is thanks to our father Nicola, to his baggage of love and experience, that today continues the important family tradition, obviously keeping the red gold at the center of our activity.

Coral and not only ..

For the constant relationship with our customers, which for us represent the beating heart of this activity, today we have expanded the commercial offer meeting the many market needs. Thanks to the experience acquired during all our years of activity, we are able to guarantee services and values ​​of the highest quality.

The coral and the cameos today are flanked by many varieties of hard stones including turquoise and pearls, carefully selected in order to always make high quality jewels, whether in gold or silver while maintaining the style that has always distinguished us.

We offer a wide range of services based on our utmost seriousness and passion for our work. These include the guarantee of our products and above all the certification of authenticity on items made of gold, silver, coral and natural pearls.

Our handcrafted creations, classic and modern, innovative and creative are the result of a careful selection of materials and are made by the best goldsmith masters of our territory able to represent complex shapes with craft means.

For this reason every jewel, for us, represents a small universe of perfection that collects in itself all the passion with which it was dreamed and realized.



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